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Lesvos - once a significant island of poetry and antiquity - is the third largest island in Greece and known for its first-class, “liquid gold” olive oil. There are around 12 million olive trees (the sacred tree of the goddess Athena) on the island.


A remarkable and worth seeing natural phenomenon is the "Petrified Forest" with remains of fossil sequoias in the west of the island (Unesco Geopark).

The largely intact nature offers a habitat for numerous species of birds.

You will find extensive beaches made of sand and gravel and away from the classic paths, your spirit of adventure will be delighted with magical places. You will find a very nice hiking area around Molivos and Petra.

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The landscape shows us different faces, lush - with trees, forests and rich Mediterranean flora - to barren moonscape. In spring it is green and blooming everywhere and magnificent seas of flowers present themselves from their most beautiful side. The forests smell intensely aromatic in the summer sun.


Cyclists also get their money's worth here. You are welcome to rent bicycles as well as small scooters or cars through us and make your own wonderful excursions in the area.


The locals are very warm and look forward to seeing you here! Enjoy a Greek coffee in the middle of the village under the shady plane trees at lunchtime and in the evening the delicious local cuisine in a tavern by the sea with a perfect sunset.

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The island has so many treasures to offer!!! We are happy to give you lots of tips on whatever your heart desires.

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