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When you are not partaking in your seminar and would like some variety or activity, we are there for you!


The island, our team and our friends look forward to making your stay an unforgettable and wonderful experience!

Talk to us!

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Ayurvedic Massage with Ioannis. An experience of deepest relaxation, where you can lose all sense of place & time.

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Hikes on breathtaking paths through magical forests, lonely beaches, spectacular rocks, unique monasteries, dreamy villages and finally the well-deserved ouzo in a tavern by the sea!

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Cooking classes with our wild friend Taxia and the deeply relaxed Jannis in traditional Greek culinary art.

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Singing bowl journeys, a feeling experience that vibrates through your whole body.


Soul readings.

A dialogue with your soul and connection with your essence. A shift in your energy field.

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Swimming in the cool sea or soaking the hot springs (43 °) in Eftalou.

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Arrange with us in advance if you plan an evening drinking with friends, so that we can pick you up afterwards in any condition!

Tarot Readings. A look into your soul. Achieve clarity and peace and realize what your life invites you to do.


Natural cosmetic treatments in the SPA of our neighbor Anna with home-made organic cosmetics according to traditional recipes.


Fairyland. Not far from us. Feel yourself embedded in nature and let yourself be enchanted by this place.

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